Friday, 21 August 2015

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I really enjoyed reading Dead Cert  -  it is  most interesting
reading about the different people in that area, especially coming across a
familiar name.

The writing style is most captivating . . . you have certainly researched the stories well and created a story so much that one feels a great sense of loss for the families and the community.

I like the book very much - so very readable. Hope you do another one, Meghan.

I started reading it at work yesterday  and the team leader came in to the tea room and said - you look engrossed!. and I was. Read bits to hubby when I got home and then got out of bed at 10.30 after reading  just one more.... I can see that once again I'm going to be gutted when I finish it . . .you  better start the 2nd Volume Meghan! If you don't have a copy get one asap. 

I loved it. A fascinating book that I couldn't put down once I started it.


Jon said...

Your readers are right Meghan, I have read it twice and still pick it up. I am moved by stories of teens who die so young of an accident, their lives cut short. The surnames are so familiar to me, since our family and relatives have lived here in this area since 1890's. You make us proud from your research and your gifted writing. Keep going! Us readers want more. Cheers

Meghan Hawkes said...

Thank you Jon. I love getting feedback such as yours - it gives me momentum keep going!

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