Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Awesome!  We have reached 70% of the donation target!  There are now just six days to go to get Dead Cert the book on the shelves.  If you would like to help go to  https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/dead-cert-stories-from-thames,-paeroa-and-waihi-cemeteries
A HUGE thank you to those who have donated and/or sent messages of support.

Louise de Varga -
"Only $750 needed to get this wonderful boosted.org.nz project up and printed. Make sure you read the story behind the project as Meaghan has really captured the tortured times of Thames' early pioneers." 

"No man’s name was ever mentioned by Annie and no-one had the slightest suspicion of her condition. Annie is buried at Paeroa where nothing remains of her grave.  Gone with her too is the web of secrets, lies, missing bottles and the era of  girls in service being taken advantage of, the shame that prevented them from going home and the desperate measures they resorted to." - From the chapter 'If only I could sleep - Annie Best 1896."

The unmarked grave of Annie Best, Paeroa cemetery.

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