Thursday, 23 April 2015

What an awesome initial response I have had to my crowd funding endeavour to get Dead Cert onto the shelves! THANK YOU to those who have donated and also for the messages of support and encouragement I have received. We have 25 days to go - so please keep spreading the word!…/dead-cert-stories-from-thames,…

Hi , I’m Andrea Gill and I edit the Grahamstown Gazette in Thames. Not long after we started up our volunteer-produced community paper, Meghan Hawkes local writer and historian offered to donate her services freely and has made a huge contribution in providing interesting and entertaining tales of our past.
Now it’s time to give something back, join me in donating to Meghans project. Meghan has written a book “Dead Cert” based on the collected stories behind old Thames Valley headstones. She is raising funds to get it published. Please consider helping a local woman promote our local history.
Encourage your members to donate something, and we can get this great bit of work out into the community.

Sincerely and with thanks for your kind consideration,
Andrea Gill
Grahamstown Gazette Editor

  • Jon Strange -  Come on folk, help Meghan get this book printed. Her stories are inspiring about our early pioneers, their lives and tragedy, but we survived. Thanks Meghan for your hard work and perseverance.
    Please give generously through the site.

“If ever I reach home...” reads a line in a letter from Sergeant Ernest Johnston sent to his sister Evelyn in Thames in 1915. The hopeful words sum up the doubts of thousands of men sent into the jaws of the First World War, or the Great War, of 1914 -1918. Ernest's poignant story is in the chapter "If I ever reach home" of the Dead Cert book currently being crowd funded at…/dead-cert-stories-from-thames

Ernest Johnston
(Photo supplied Jan Tercel)

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