Monday, 20 April 2015

I need a Boost!

If you enjoy these cemetery stories you will be pleased to know there is a book of them on the way!   But sometimes we all need a little help and now I have come to the final hurdle I am seeking donations to publish the book through the Arts Foundation's crowd funding site Boosted.  Please go to the link below if you would like to help get 'Dead Cert - Stories from Thames, Paeroa and Waihi cemeteries' on the shelves.  Any donation no matter how small will  help.  Donors can be anonymous or named and amounts are confidential. If I don’t make the target the donations go back to the donors. NZ residents can claim 33% of their donation as a tax credit.  I’ve tried several other avenues to get funding but because the book is finished it’s really hard to secure after-funding.  Thank you!,-paeroa-and-waihi-cemeteries

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