Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Thames Heritage Festival

      A terrific week for Thames - and for a great night out go along and see the wonderful dramatisations from my book A Line of Duckboards.

18th March
to Wednesday
19th March
  Line of Duck Boards

' A Line of Duck Boards' sees seven actors bringing to life the stale 
sentences and big stories from the Thames Star between 1916 and 
1946. Hidden away in the letters to the editor or in the social columns,
 author Meghan Hawkes has mined little gems now dusty and unread,
 of the ordinary, sometimes extraordinary, trivial, light hearted, and
 occasionally sad stories.

Venue: The Pumphouse, Bella Street, Thames - 7.30pm
Price: $10.00
Contact: Rex Simpson   Ph: 021.2650900
  Email: rexsimpson@hotmail.com


Thames Heritage Festival 2014
- Friday 14th March to Sunday 23rd March 2014 -

Thames Heritage Festival is a fantastic celebration of our heritage.

Thames has a rich history dating back to the first contact between Pakeha and the Tangata whenua.

During March we will celebrate our district's history in this festival of events.

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